Claire Trevor (with Dick Powell) in 'Murder, My Sweet'
Claire Trevor (1910 - 2000)
Murder, My Sweet (Farewell, My Lovely) (1944) [Helen Grayle]: Shot to death (I couldn't tell exactly where she was hit) by Miles Mander while she's holding a gun on Dick Powell; Dick then picks up her body and carries her over to the couch. (See also Charlotte Rampling's substantially different death scene in the 1975 version Farewell, My Lovely.)

Born to Kill (Lady of Deceit) (1947) [Helen Brent]: Shot to death by Lawrence Tierney through the door.

The Velvet Touch (1948) [Marian Webster]: Commits suicide (off-screen) in the hospital; we learn of her death when Sydney Greenstreet gets the news over the phone at the police station.

Hoodlum Empire (1952) [Connie Williams]: Shot to death by Luther Adler.
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