Claudia Black in 'Queen of the Damned'
Claudia Black (1972 - )
Pitch Black (2000) [Sharon 'Shazza' Montgomery]: Torn in half by a swarm of the alien creatures; we see them attacking her and carrying away the upper half of her body (still alive and screaming at that point). (Thanks to Proinsias, Melissa, Al and Scott)

Farscape: Die Me, Dichotomy (2001) [Officer Aeryn Sun]: Drowned/frozen to death after her ejection pod crashes into an icy lake; her body is shown again afterwards during a funeral ceremony on their ship. (Note: This 'death' was only temporary, as Virginia Hey brought her back to life with a transfer of spiritual energy in the next season's opening episode, Season of Death.) (Thanks to Alan)

Queen of the Damned (2002) [Pandora]: Shrivels up, then bursts into flame, during the vampires' battle with Aaliyah.

Stargate SG-1: Avalon Part 2 (2005) [Vala Mal Doran]: Burned to death by a mob while Michael Shanks looks on helplessly; she is later brought back to life by mark Houghton's powers. (Thanks to JBA, Jose, and GLC)
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