Claudia Butenuth (with Michel Lemoine) in 'Castle of the Creeping Flesh'
Claudia Butenuth (1946 - )
Castle of the Creeping Flesh (Im Schloss der blutigen Begierde; Castle of Bloody Lust; Castle of Unholy Desires) (1969) [Marion von Kassell/Katharina Saxon/Baron Saxon's Daughter]: Playing a triple role in two different time periods, "Baron Saxon's Daughter" is fatally injured during a gang-rape by a group of soldiers in a flashback sequence relating the legend of the castle; her body is shown afterwards when her father (Howard Vernon) carries her into his laboratory. In the 20th-century segment, "Katharina" is fatally injured (off-screen) while being raped by Michel Lemoine; her body is shown afterwards when Vladimir Medar carries her into the castle. "Marion" is killed when Howard surgically removes her heart to transplant into "Katharina" (bringing her back to life); her body is shown afterwards when Jan Hendriks discovers her on the operating table. "Katharina" dies once again when Howard accidentally stabs her in the stomach, when she steps in front of Michel while Howard is trying to kill him. Howard then carries her body up to the castle tower and jumps to his death with her in his arms.
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