Claudine Wilde in 'Tatort: Der Spezialist'
Claudine Wilde (1967 - )
Tatort: Der Morder und der Prinz (1992) [Jacqueline Bordenave]: Bludgeoned to death; her body is shown afterwards lying in the woods, and again in the morgue. (Nudity alert: Topless) (Thanks to The Midnight Club)

Tatort: Der Spezialist (1996) [Edith Kruse]: Neck snapped while being strangled by Rolf Hoppe, who then hangs her body in the bathroom to make it look like suicide. (Thanks to The Midnight Club)

Tatort: Die Abrechnung (1996) [Magda Raimondi]: Shot in the stomach by Ulrich Muhe; she dies shortly after shooting him in turn. (Thanks to The Midnight Club)

Der Alte: Die Verlorene Wette (2002) [Gloria Reben]: Reportedly shot twice in the stomach and once in the chest. (Thanks to Mike)

Tatort: Todesfahrt (2002) [Dr. Catharina Kuhn]: Killed in a car crash after Cosma Shiva Hagen tampers with Claudine's brakes. (Thanks to The Midnight Club)
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