Colette Giacobine (Jack) in 'Night Child/What the Peeper Saw'
Colette Giacobine
a.k.a. Collette Jack
Nightmares Come at Night (Les Cauchemars naissent la nuit) (1970) [Cynthia Robins]: Stabbed in the stomach by Paul Muller. (Thanks to G-Man)

What the Peeper Saw (Diabolica malicia; Night Child; Night Hair Child) (1972) [Sarah]: Electrocuted in her bathtub when she turns off the tap, which had been booby-trapped by her son (Mark Lester). (Note: Her death scene, which constitutes her entire screen time, is cut from the US release What the Peeper Saw, and is only present in the uncut version Night Child; the DVD includes both versions of the movie. The old, censored VHS release used a still from Colette's death scene for the cover art, even though it was absent from the movie!) (Nudity alert: Full frontal and rear)
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