Colleen Camp in 'Clue'
Colleen Camp (1953 - )
Death Game (The Seducers; Mrs. Manning's Weekend) (1977) [Donna]: Hit by a car, along with Sondra Locke. The movie ends on a blurry freeze-frame of them at the moment of impact.

Deadly Games (1982) [Randy]: Drowned in a swimming pool when Sam Groom pulls her under and ties her leg to the pool filter. After she's tied down, we only see her hand breaking the surface of the water and clutching the air as the scene fades to black. Her body is not shown afterwards.

Clue (1985) [Yvette the Maid]: Strangled with a noose by either Lesley Ann Warren, Eileen Brennan, or Madeline Kahn (depending on the different "solutions"). We see the start of the strangulation, and her body is shown afterwards lying on a pool table.

Tales from the Crypt: Korman's Kalamity (1990) [Mrs. Mildred Korman]: Eaten by a monster that comes to life out of Harry Anderson's drawing.

Dead & Deader (2006) [Mrs. Wisteria]: Bitten on the throat by the zombie Tyson Turrou; she immediately comes back to life as a zombie herself, and is then shot in the head by one of the mercenaries.
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