Cookie Mueller in 'Multiple Maniacs'
Cookie Mueller (1949 - 1989)
Multiple Maniacs (1970) [Cookie]: Shot in the face (off-screen) by Mary Vivian Pearce; we see Cookie walk out of the room, hear the shot from behind the door, then see the mortally-wounded Cookie stagger back in the room and die.  Mary and David Lochary then hide Cookie's body behind the couch, but she is later discovered by Divine (sending Divine on a berserk killing rampage).

Pink Flamingos (1972) [Cookie]: Stabbed to death by Mary Vivian Pearce and Danny Mills after they invade her home.  This scene was cut from the actual movie (leaving her character's fate an unresolved plot thread), but is included among the deleted scenes on the 25th Anniversary Edition video and DVD release.
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