Cynda Williams in 'One False Move'
Cynda Williams (1966 - )
Billy Bob Thornton
One False Move (1991) [Fantasia/Lila]: Accidentally shot in the head by Billy Bob Thornton when he shoots at Bill Paxton and misses.

Condition Red (1995) [Gidell Ryan]: Shot in the back by a hitman in a parking garage.

Caught Up (1998) [Vanessa Dietrich/Trish]: Playing a dual role, "Trish" is reportedly killed off-screen (I don't know exactly how or by whom); her body is shown afterwards when Bokeem Woodbine wakes up next to her and discovers that she's dead. "Vanessa" is reportedly shot to death in a shoot-out with Basil Wallace and his thugs. (Thanks to Sonya)
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