Cyndi Pass in 'Bounty Tracker'
Cyndi Pass
Bikini Island (1991) [Kari]: Strangled with a garden hose by Alicia Anne. Her body is shown afterwards when Holly Floria discovers her. (Thanks to Emerson)

Bounty Tracker (Bounty Tracer) (1993) [Jewels]: Shot in the chest by Lorenzo Lamas as she turns to point her gun at him. (Thanks to Valerio and Franz)

The Company Man (Deadly Reckoning) (1998) [Cherise]: Stabbed in the stomach with her own knife at the end of a struggle with Elizabeth Giordano. (Thanks to Fluppe)

The Night Caller (1998) [Marge Hampton]: Dies of anaphylactic shock from an allergic reaction after Tracy Nelson hides peanuts in Cyndi's sandwich. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

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