Cynthia Rothrock (1957 - )
Righting Wrongs (Zhi fa xian feng; Above the Law) (1987) [Shih Li-yi]: Stabbed in the throat (and pinned to the wall) with a hand drill by Melvin Wong. (Note: The filmmakers also shot an alternate ending for different markets, in which Cynthia is not killed. The DVD release I saw had both versions on the different sides of the disc.)

No Retreat, No Surrender II (Karate Tiger 2; Raging Thunder) (1989) [Terry]: Machine-gunned by the bad guys; she dies in Max Thayer's arms shortly afterwards.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Not Fade Away (1996) [Enforcer II]: Playing a fire-based artificial being, she is destroyed when Kevin Sorbo uses a bellows to blow her own fireball back at her. (Thanks to Robert)

Redemption (2002) [Officer Erin Murphy]: Killed in an explosion when she opens a booby-trapped warehouse door during a raid.
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Cynthia Rothrock in 'Righting Wrongs'