Dagmar Lassander's death in 'Dandelions'
Dagmar Lassander dead in 'Dandelions'
Dagmar Lassander (1943 - )
Dandelions (Pusteblume; Hard to Remember) (1974) [Doreen]: Hits her head on a stone footstool after Rutger Hauer slaps her and knocks her down.

So Young, So Lovely, So Vicious (Peccati di gioventu) (1975) [Irene]: Reportedly killed in a car crash when her car goes over the rocks. (Thanks to Andrea)

The Black Cat (Il Gatto nero) (1980) [Lillian Grayson]: Burned to death in a fire started by Patrick Magee's cat.

The House by the Cemetery (Quella villa accanto il cimitero) (1981) [Laura Gittleson]: Stabbed in the chest and throat with a fireplace poker by the zombie.

S.A.S San Salvador (1982) [Maria Luisa Delgado]: Reportedly shot by Raimund Harmstorf. (Thanks to Johan)
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