Dana Ghia in 'Smile Before Death'
Dana Ghia (1932 - )
a.k.a. Ghia Arlen, a.k.a. Diana Madigan
Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die (Oggi a me...domani a te!; Today It's Me, Tomorrow You) (1968) [Mirana Kiowa]: Shot in the chest by Tatsuya Nakadai after he rapes her on the couch, as Brett Halsey looks on helplessly. Shown in a black & white flashback sequence.

Smile Before Death (Il Sorriso della iena) (1972) [Magda]: Stabbed repeatedly by Silvano Tranquilli, then bludgeoned to death with an ashtray by Rosalba Neri. Her body is shown again later on when Jenny Tamburi discovers her. (Thanks to Johan)

Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye (La Morte negli occhi del gatto; The Cat's Murdering Eye) (1973) [Lady Alicia]: Smothered with a pillow by Venantino Venantini. (Thanks to Johan)

The Night Child (Il Medaglione insanguinato; The Cursed Medallion) (1975) [Emily's Mother]: Jumps to her death from a window, after being trapped in a burning room by Nicoletta Elmi. (Thanks to Johan)

Nine Guests for a Crime (Nove ospiti per un delitto) (1977) [Elisabetta]: Shot to death by John Richardson. (Thanks to Andrea)

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