Daniella Evangelista in 'Kill Switch'
Daniella Evangelista (1982 - )
Disturbing Behavior (1998) [Daniella]: Falls to her death (along with all the other mind-altered "Blue Ribbon" students) when William Sadler drives his truck over the dam after all the Blue Ribbons climb on board to get at William's sonic devices. (I couldn't spot Daniella specifically among all the students, but it's stated that all of them are there.)

Cold Squad: Dead End (1999) [Victim]: Presumably killed, though I don't know any details. (The IMDB's identification of her role as "Victim" suggests that she's killed, though it could also mean that she's the victim of a non-fatal crime.)

Ripper: Letter from Hell (2001) [Mary-Anne Nordstrom]: Strangled by A.J. Cook, who then slits her throat and disembowels her (off-screen), on top of Daniella having been thrown through the windshield in a car crash. Her body is shown afterwards (covered by a sheet) in the morgue during Emmanuelle Vaugier's investigation. (Thanks to Germboygel and Eric)

Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (Wishmaster 3: Devil Stone; Wishmaster 3: Sword of Justice) (2001) [Anne]: Vomits up her internal organs after John Novak magically grants her wish to lose weight; John then turns her into a skeleton. (Thanks to Utonium)

Supernatural: Fresh Blood (2007) [Hanging Victim]: Decapitated (off-screen), along with Natalia Minuta, by Sterling K. Brown, after Sterling is transformed into a vampire.

Kill Switch (2008) [Barmaid]: Beaten to death (off-screen) by Michael Filipowich. Her body is shown afterwards in Michael's hideout as Michael plants Steven Seagal's skin scrapings under her fingernails as a frame-up, and again when Holly Dignard discovers her hanging from a door.
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