Dee Wallace Stone in 'The Hills Have Eyes'
Dee Wallace Stone (1949 - )
a.k.a. Dee Wallace
Christopher Stone (widowed)
The Hills Have Eyes (1977) [Lynne Wood]: Shot twice in the chest by Lance Gordon after she stabs him in the leg with a tent spike in her trailer.

The Howling (1980) [Karen White]: Shot with a silver bullet by Dennis Dugan after she changes into a werewolf during a live TV news broadcast. We only see Dennis firing, then a split-second shot of her wolf-face falling out of the frame.

I'm Dangerous Tonight (1990) [Wanda Thatcher]: Hit on the head and falls down a flight of stairs while attacking Madchen Amick. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

The Frighteners (1996) [Patricia Ann Bradley]: Her spirit is pulled from her body by Michael J. Fox, then gets sucked into the pit of Hell (along with Jake Busey's spirit).

To Love, Honor & Betray (1999) [Julia Brennan]: Shot in the chest by David Cubitt. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Boo (2005) [Nurse Russell]: Burned to death in a fire at the mental institution, after she throws the keys out the window, trapping herself inside rather than risk M. Steven Felty escaping. (Thanks to Lauren)

Scar (2005) [Isabella]: Hit in the face with an axe. (Thanks to Wayne)

Voodoo Moon (2005) [Mary-Ann]: Decapitated by Rik Young when he comes up behind her while she's doing laundry. (Thanks to Alex)

Halloween (2007) [Cynthia Strode]: Neck apparently snapped by Tyler Mane at the end of a brutal attack in her home. (It's unclear exactly what happens; the sound effect at the end of the scene could be interpreted as a neck-breaking or as the sound of a knife going into her back.) Her body is shown again later on when Brad Dourif arrives at the scene. (Thanks to Cody, Andrew, Eric, and ND)
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