Dolores del Rio in 'Flaming Star'
Dolores del Rio (1905 - 1983)
Ex-Mrs. Cedric Gibbons
Cousin of Ramon Navarro
Bird of Paradise (1932) [Luana]: Reportedly jumps or is thrown into a volcano as a human sacrifice. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Navel Weapons Lab)

La Otra (The Other One) (1946) [Magdalena Mendez/Maria Mendez]: Playing a dual role as twin sisters, one sister is killed by the other. (I haven't seen this movie myself, but The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film states that Bette Davis' film Dead Ringer was based on a Dolores del Rio film, so I presume that this is the film they meant.)

Flaming Star (1960) [Neddy Burton]: Shot in the lower chest/upper stomach by Douglas Dick while Dolores is riding back home with her son (Elvis Presley). The next day, while Elvis is trying to get a doctor, she gets out of bed and wanders out into the prarie, where she dies in John McIntire's arms after he finds her.
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