Dorothy Revier in 'The King Murder'
Dorothy Revier (1904 - 1993)
a.k.a. Dorothy Valegra
Ex-Mrs. Harry Revier
The Iron Mask (1929) [Milady de Winter]: Presumably dies (I haven't seen this version, but I know that the character dies in most versions of the Three Musketeers saga).

The King Murder (The King Murder Case) (1932) [Miriam King]: Poisoned (off-screen) when she pricks her thumb on a poisoned needle that had been planted in her apartment by Robert Frazer; her body is shown afterwards when Don Alvarado discovers her.

Green Eyes (1934) [Mrs. Pritchard]: Commits suicide, along with Alden 'Stephen' Chase, after Alden is revealed as the murderer.
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