Edina Ronay in 'A Study in Terror'
Edina Ronay (1945 - )
The Avengers: The Nutshell (1963) [Elin Strindberg]: Reportedly killed off-screen (I don't know the exact method); her body is shown afterwards when Patrick Macnee discovers her. (I haven't seen this episode myself.) (Thanks to Crimson Ghost)

The Black Torment (Estate of Insanity) (1964) [Lucy Judd]: Reportedly stabbed to death. (I haven't seen this movie either.) (Thanks to Crimson Ghost)

A Study in Terror (Fog) (1965) [Mary Kelly]: Slashed to death, then basically dissected (off-screen) by John Fraser. The scene ends with her screaming as he first strikes. We later see Frank Finlay's horrified reaction to finding her body, though the body itself isn't actually shown.

The Swordsman (Zapper's Blade of Vengeance) (1974) [Guy]: Reportedly shot to death by Linda Marlowe in a swimming pool, after Edina tries to shoot Linda with a crossbow. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Mike)
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