Edwige Fenech in '5 Dolls for an August Moon'
Edwige Fenech (1948 - )
5 Dolls for an August Moon (5 Bambole per la luna d'agosto; Island of Terror) (1970) [Marie Chaney]: Tied to a tree and stabbed in the chest (off-screen); her body is found afterwards by the others. Her body is shown several more times hanging in a plastic bag in the meat locker where all the bodies are stored.

Your Vice Is a Locked Door and Only I Have the Key (Il Tuo vizio e una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave; Excite Me; Eye of the Black Cat; Gently Before She Dies) (1972) [Floriana]:Killed, along with Riccardo Salvino, after being thrown from their motorcycle due to Ivan Rassimov having poured oil on the road; Ivan then ignites the oil to cover up the cause of the crash. (Thanks to Johan)

Secrets of a Call Girl (Anna, quel particolare piacere; Anna: The Pleasure, the Torment) (1973) [Anna]: Shot in the back by a gangster as she tries to run away. (Thanks to G-Man)

The Biggest Battle (Il Grande attacco; Battle Force; The Greatest Battle) (1978) [Danielle]: Machine-gunned by French resistance fighters while she's sitting with two German officers in a bistro. (This scene is present in the full-length European cut, but was cut from the US release version.) (Thanks to Johan)
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