Elena Verdugo and Lon Chaney Jr. in 'House of Frankenstein'
Elena Verdugo (1926 - )
Ex-Mrs. Charles R. Marion
Mother of Richard Marion
House of Frankenstein (1944) [Ilonka]: Bitten on the throat (off-camera) by Lon Chaney Jr. (in his wolf-man form) outside the castle. We see him grab her and pull her behind a wall, then hear the sound of a gunshot as she manages to shoot him with a silver bullet during the struggle. After Lon staggers out and dies (returning to human form in death), Elena also staggers out and dies by his side. Shortly afterwards, J. Carrol Naish discovers them and carries her body back to Boris Karloff's laboratory.

The Sky Dragon (Charlie Chan and the Sky Dragon) (1949) [Connie Jackson a.k.a. Marie Burke]: Shot to death by Paul Maxey when she pulls her own gun out of her purse on the plane.
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