Elisabeth Moss in 'Medium: No One to Watch Over Me'
Elisabeth Moss (1982 - )
Ex-Mrs. Fred Armisen
Medium: No One to Watch Over Me (2007) [Jennie/Haley Heffernan]: Playing a dual role as sisters, "Haley" is suffocated/frozen to death after being locked in a freezer by Robert Neary, several years before the story begins. Her body is shown afterwards when Patricia Arquette discovers her, and again in the morgue after being thawed out. ("Jennie" survives the episode.)

Fear Itself: Eater (2008) [Officer Danny Bannerman]: Bitten on the throat by Stephen R. Hart, after she applies rat poison to her throat (as well as swallowing some) in order to poison him. She dies shortly after handcuffing herself to Stephen to ensure he won't escape. (Thanks to ND)

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