Elizabeth Berkley in 'Molly & Gina'
Elizabeth Berkley's death in 'Molly & Gina'
Elizabeth Berkley (1972 - )
Mrs. Greg Lauren
Molly & Gina (Burnhill) (1994) [Kimberly Sweeny]: Killed in an explosion by a car bomb.

Perversions of Science: Planely Possible (1997) [Ruth]: I vaguely recall that she was killed in this, and that George Newburn travelled through several parallel universes to find a world where she was still alive, but I can't remember the details.

Threshold: Progeny (2005) [Christine Polchek]: Shot in the back by Carla Gugino just as Elizabeth is about to kill Brian Van Holt. (Thanks to Alex)

Black Widow (2008) [Olivia Whitfield a.k.a. Grace Miller a.k.a. Denise Ferris]: Shot twice in the chest by police when she points a gun at them after a fight with Alicia Coppola. (Thanks to Brian)
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