Elizabeth (Ward) Gracen in 'Matlock: The Madam'
Elizabeth Gracen (1961 - )
a.k.a. Elizabeth Ward
Ex-Mrs. Brendan Hughes
Matlock: The Madam (1990) [Janie Ladd]: Electrocuted when the killer throws a hair dryer in her bathtub. (I haven't actually seen this episode, so I don't know the killer's identity.) (Thanks to Big O and Dick Hertz)

Highlander: Not to Be (1998) [Amanda Darieux]: Decapitated by the renegade Watchers, in an alternate reality in which Adrian Paul never existed; she survives in the actual reality. (Note: Elizabeth had numerous apparent/temporary "deaths" during the course of both this series and the spin-off series Highlander: The Raven, but being an Immortal, she always came back.) (Thanks to Robert)

Queen of Swords: Counterfeit Queen (2001) [Carlotta]: Shot in the back. (Thanks to Robert)

Charmed: Bite Me (2002) [Vampire Queen]: Destroyed when Julian McMahon launches a fireball at her. (Thanks to Robert)

Interceptor Force 2 (Alpha Force; They Have Returned) (2002) [Adriana Sikes]: Sacrifices herself by jumping into the radioactive water to prevent a nuclear explosion. (Thanks to Robert)
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