Elizabeth Mitchell (1970 - )
Mrs. Chris Soldevilla
Frequency (2000) [Julia Sullivan]: Strangled (off-screen) by Shawn Doyle in the past as a consequence of James Caviezel's changing the timestream; her body is shown afterwards in a crime-scene photo when James discovers that he's changed the past. However, James and Dennis Quaid subsequently manage to change the past again so that she doesn't die after all.

The Linda McCartney Story (2000) [Linda McCartney]: Dies of breast cancer. (I don't know whether the movie ends before or after her death.)

Running Scared (2006) [Edele]: Shot in the chest (along with Bruce Altman) by Vera Farmiga, after Vera rescues Cameron Bright and two other children from Bruce and Elizabeth's apartment.

Lost: LA X (2010) [Juliet Burke]: Fatally injured in a fall. (Thanks to Alex)
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Elizabeth Mitchell in 'Running Scared' (2006)