Eliza Dushku in 'Soul Survivors'
Eliza Dushku (1980 - )
Soul Survivors (2001) [Annabel]: Killed in a car accident. Most of the movie after the accident takes place in a world in between life and death, as Melissa Sagemiller lies in a coma; in this world, Melissa sees Eliza as still being alive. Eliza's body is shown lying in the hospital when Melissa comes back to reality. (Thanks to Verne and Germboygel)

Open Graves (2009) [Erica]: Commits suicide/sacrifices herself by drowning herself in the ocean, in order for Mike Vogel to be granted a wish; Mike then uses his wish to turn back time and bring her and their other friends back to life (only to be caught in a time loop repeating the same events). (Thanks to Bodil)

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