Ellen Page in 'An American Crime'
Ellen Page (1987 - )
a.k.a. Ellen Philpotts-Page
An American Crime (2007) [Sylvia Likens]: Dies (off-screen) of shock and multiple injuries after a prolonged period of torture by Catherine Keener; her body is shown afterwards when her sister (Hayley McFarland) walks in and finds Catherine's children trying to revive her. (Thanks to Christina)

Inception (2010) [Ariadne]: In one dream world, she is stabbed in the stomach by Marion Cotillard when Leonardo DiCaprio's subconscious rejects Ellen's presence in his dream. In a later dream world, Ellen commits suicide by jumping from a building in order to wake back up to reality. (She survives the movie in reality.) (Thanks to Tommy)

Super (2010) [Libby a.k.a. Boltie]: Shot in the head by one of Kevin Bacon's thugs; her body is shown again when Rainn Wilson checks on her, then puts her in the trunk of his car. (Thanks to Arben, Alan, and Tommy)
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