Elsa Lanchester (1902 - 1986)
Charles Laughton (widowed)
The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) [Mary Shelley/The Monster's Mate]: Killed in an explosion (along with Ernest Thesiger) when Boris Karloff pulls a lever that blows up the laboratory and brings the entire castle crumbling down. (Boris was revealed to have survived the explosion in the 1939 sequel Son of Frankenstein, but Elsa wasn't so lucky.)

Rembrandt (1936) [Hendrickje Stoffels]: Dies of an unspecified illness, while sitting and posing for a portrait by Charles Laughton.

Mystery Street (Murder at Harvard) (1950) [Mrs. Smerrling]: Hit on the head with a candlestick by Edmon Ryan in her boarding-house. She dies shortly afterwards (off-screen) while a police doctor examines her; we learn of her death afterwards when the doctor informs Ricardo Montalban.

Night Gallery: Green Fingers (1972) [Lydia Bowen]: Bleeds to death after one of Cameron Mitchell's thugs cuts off her thumb; before dying, she plants the severed thumb in her garden, thus growing a duplicate of herself. (Thanks to Verne)

Arnold (1973) [Hester]: Suffocated after being locked in the family crypt in a deathtrap set up by Norman Stuart. We only see her screaming after she realizes she's trapped inside, followed by a shot of her candle going out.

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Elsa Lanchester in 'Rembrandt'