Embeth Davidtz in 'Tir13en Ghosts'
Embeth Davidtz (1965 - )
Deadly Matrimony (Shattered Promises) (1992) [Sheila Masters]: Killed by Treat Williams, though I don't know the details. (I haven't seen this, but the blurb on the back of the video box gives away her fate.)

Bicentennial Man (1999) [Little Miss Amanda Martin/Portia Chaney]: Dies of old age, along with Robin Williams, as they're beside each other holding hands. (Embeth and Robin were made up to look much older than they actually were at the time.) (Thanks to Hamish)

Thir13en Ghosts (2001) [Kalina Oretzia]: Crushed to death between the sliding glass walls after F. Murray Abraham locks her in the room. (Thanks to Thaddius, Germboygel, and Gary)

Fracture (2007) [Jennifer Crawford]: Dies after Anthony Hopkins has her life-support equipment turned off, several months after Anthony shoots her in the face and puts her into a coma. (Thanks to ND and Eric)

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) [Mary Parker]: Killed in a plane crash (off-screen), along with Campbell Scott. (Thanks to Tim and Tommy)

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