Emilie de Ravin (1981 - )
Ex-Mrs. Josh Janowicz
Carrie (2002) [Chris Hargensen]: Killed in a car crash, along with Jesse Cadotte, when Angela Bettis uses her telekinetic powers to send their car flying through the air. (See also Nancy Allen in the 1976 version.)

Roswell: Four Aliens and a Baby (2002) [Tess Harding]: Killed in an explosion when she blows up the alien research facility while still inside the building. (Thanks to Alex)

Brick (2005) [Emily Kostach]: Killed (off-screen) by Noah Fleiss; her body is shown afterwards lying in a storm drain when Joseph Gordon-Levitt discovers her. (Thanks to Asdrubale and Alex)

Lost: Flashes Before Your Eyes (2007) [Claire Littleton]: Is briefly clinically dead after drowning in the ocean; she is revived when Henry Ian Cusick and Dominic Monaghan perform CPR. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Operation: Endgame (2010) [Heirophant]: Hacked to death with the blade of a paper cutter by Odette Yustman while Emilie is trying to strangle Joe Anderson in the restroom. (Thanks to CS)
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Emilie de Ravin in 'Operation: Endgame'