Emily Foxler in 'Legend of the Seeker: Princess'
Emily Foxler (1984 - )
Legend of the Seeker: Princess (2010) [Sister Nicci]: Her original unnamed character is stabbed in the chest (with her own consent) in a sacrificial ceremony; her body then comes back to life with Jolene Blalock's spirit. (Thus, Emily now plays the character previously played by Jolene before Jolene was killed off.) (Thanks to Fleming)

Legend of the Seeker: Bound (2010) [Sister Nicci]: Bitten by a poisonous spider; she is later brought back to life after Craig Horner treats her wound with an antidote from a rare flower. (Thanks to Fleming)

Legend of the Seeker: Tears (2010) [Sister Nicci]: Shot in the back with an arrow by Tabrett Bethell; she dies in Bridget Regan's arms shortly afterwards. She is later magically brought back to life. (Thanks to Fleming)

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