Emma Cleasby in 'Dog Soldiers'
Emma Cleasby
Dog Soldiers (2002) [Megan]: Killed in an explosion, along with the other werewolves, when Sean Pertwee sacrifices himself by blowing up the cottage. (She had previously been shot in the head by Sean as she began to transform into her wolf form, but the DVD's audio commentary reveals that she actually survived this and was one of the wolves seen afterwards.) (Thanks to Ian, James, and David)

Doomsday (2008) [Katherine Sinclair]: Possibly either dies of the Reaper virus or is killed by the Marauders, at some point between the opening sequence and the main portion of the film. We last see her left behind as she puts her daughter (Christine Tomlinson) on the airlift out of quarantined Scotland; her now-grown daughter (Rhona Mitra) returns many years later, but does not find proof of either her survival or death. (Although it's unconfirmed, I thought I should list it just in case.)
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