Eva Green in 'Casino Royale' (2006)
Eva Green (1980 - )
Daughter of
Marlene Jobert and Walter Green
Arsene Lupin (2004) [Clarisse de Dreux-Soubise]: Killed by Kristin Scott Thomas (though I don't know the details). (Thanks to Nemanja)

Casino Royale (2006) [Vesper Lynd]: Commits suicide by drowning in an elevator as it sinks in the canal, deliberately locking herself in to prevent Daniel Craig from rescuing her. Daniel unsuccessfully attempts CPR after he finally manages to get her out of the elevator and carry her to the surface. (Thanks to Lee, Eric, Robert, Andrew, Rattyocoaster, Mariano, Scott, and Conor)

Dark Shadows (2012) [Angelique Bouchard]: Dies when Johnny Depp shatters her glass heart after she pulls it out of her body, on top of having been impaled on a chandelier, mauled by Chloe Moretz, and shot by Michelle Pfeiffer. (Thanks to Fleming and ND)

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