Eva Leon in 'Mansion of the Living Dead'
Eva Leon (1948 - )
Sister of Rosa Leon
(Spanish singer)
Ex-Mrs. Andres Resino
Mother of Mercedes Resino
House of Psychotic Women (Los Ojos azules de la muneca rota; Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll) (1974) [Nicole]: Throat slit by Eduardo Calvo after she goes down to the basement to investigate. (Thanks to Shehzad Burney)

Inquisition (Inquisicion) (1976) [Pierill Fille]: Executed (along with Loreta Tovar) by being burned at the stake. (Thanks to Shehzad Burney)

Mansion of the Living Dead (La Mansion de los muertos vivientes) (1985) [Olivia]: Poisoned when one of the bad guys force-feeds her a rat-poisoned-laced meal while she's chained to the bed. (Nudity alert: Topless) (Thanks to G-Man)

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