Evelyn Keyes in 'The Face Behind the Mask'
Evelyn Keyes (1916 - 2008)
Ex-Mrs. Charles Vidor
John Huston
Ex-Mrs. Artie Shaw
The Face Behind the Mask (Behind the Mask) (1941) [Helen Williams]: Fatally injured in an explosion after one of James Seay's thugs wires a bomb to the car radio; we hear the explosion from off-camera as Peter Lorre runs back to the house, and she dies in Peter's arms shortly after he carries her inside.

The Killer That Stalked New York (Frightened City) (1950) [Sheila Bennet]: Dies (off-screen) of smallpox; we last see her when William Bishop talks her down from a building ledge, and her subsequent death is mentioned in the narration of the next scene.

Amazing Stories: Boo! (1986) [Ghost Wife]: I haven't seen this episode, but the IMDB listing indicates that she and Eddie Bracken play a husband-and-wife pair of ghosts.

Murder, She Wrote: Old Habits Die Hard (1987) [Sister Emily]: Injected with an overdose of drugs by Eileen Brennan, staging it to look like suicide. Her body is shown afterwards when the other nuns and Angela Lansbury discover her, and her death is shown in a flashback when Angela explains what happened. (Thanks to Dignan)

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