Fabienne Dali in 'Kill Baby Kill'
Fabienne Dali (1941 - )
The Erotic Touch of Hot Skin (La baie du desir) (1963) [Irene]: Killed in a car crash when she hits a tree after swerving to avoid Sophie Hardy; her body is shown hanging out of the open door afterwards.

Kill Baby Kill (Operazione paura) (1966) [Ruth]: Stabbed in the chest during a struggle with Giovanna Galletti, she manages to strangle Giovanna before dying herself. (We don't discover that she's been stabbed until after the fight is over.)

Desert Commandos (Attentato ai tre grandi) (1967) [Simone]: Killed (off-screen, exact method unknown) by Jeanne Valerie after Fabienne discovers that Jeanne is a double agent; her body is shown afterwards when the others discover her.
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