Famke Janssen in 'GoldenEye'
Famke Janssen (1965 - )
Ex-Mrs. Tod Williams
Relentless IV: Ashes to Ashes (1994) [Dr. Sara Lee Jaffee]: Falls out of a window during a struggle with her brother (John Scott Clough).

GoldenEye (1995) [Xenia Onatopp]: Crushed to death when Pierce Brosnan shoots down the helicopter she's suspended from, causing her harness to be pulled against a tree.

Deep Rising (1998) [Trillian St. James]: Possibly killed by the monster (off-screen), shortly after the end of the movie; the movie ends with Famke, Kevin J. O'Connor and Treat Williams realizing they're trapped with the monster on an island. (However, this could just be a set-up for a potential sequel.) (Thanks to David31 and Jack)

The Faculty (1998) [Miss Elizabeth Burke]: Decapitated in a car crash while possessed by an alien; her head is shown moving on its own (with alien tentacles coming out of the neck) after the crash before it rejoins her body. (She is alive and well at the end of the movie, so it's arguable whether her temporary decapitation constitutes a "death" scene, but since it's been submitted, I'll go ahead and list it.) (Thanks to PortsGuy)

House on Haunted Hill (1999) [Evelyn Stockard-Price]: Rapidly decomposes when a supernatural force grabs her. (She also has a faked "death" earlier in the film, in which she appears to be electrocuted.)

X-Men: The Last Stand (X-Men III; XIII) (2006) [Jean Grey a.k.a. Phoenix]: Stabbed in the stomach by Hugh Jackman with his claws, at her own request (to prevent her losing control of her destructive powers). (There is a possibility that she might have survived for a sequel.) (Thanks to TravelingMan, Steve, Leah and Panhead)

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) [Muriel]: Decapitated with a shovel at the end of a fight with Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner. (Thanks to Tommy)

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