Fionnula Flanagan (left) and Elaine Cassidy in 'The Others' (2001)
Fionnula Flanagan (1941 - )
Columbo: Murder, a Self Portrait (1989) [Louise]: Drowned when Patrick Bauchau puts her in the ocean after knocking her unconscious on the beach. (Thanks to Big O)

The Others (2001) [Mrs. Bertha Mills]: Dies of tuberculosis (off-screen) many years before the story takes place; her body is shown (along with those of Elaine Cassidy and Eric Sykes) in a vintage photograph that Nicole Kidman discovers, causing her to realize that Fionnula, Elaine and Eric are ghosts.

Tears of the Sun (2003) [Sister Grace]: Killed (off-screen) when soldiers attack the mission; we see the aftermath of the massacre when Bruce Willis' helicopter passes overhead, though we don't see any specific characters' bodies among the carnage. (Thanks to Robert)

Blessed (2004) [J. Lloyd Samuel]: Killed, though I don't know the details. (Thanks to Andrea)

Four Brothers (2005) [Evelyn Mercer]: Shot to death (off-screen) by hitmen in a convenience store, making it look like a robbery. We only hear the gunfire over an exterior shot of the building. (Thanks to Robert)

The Invention of Lying (2009) [Martha Bellison]: Dies of a heart attack in the hospital, while her son (Ricky Gervais) lies to her about the afterlife. (Thanks to Tommy)

The Guard (2011) [Eileen Boyle]: Dies (off-screen) of cancer; her death is revealed by a scene of her son (Brendan Gleeson) cleaning out her room. (Thanks to Tommy)
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