Flora Robson in 'Catherine the Great' (1934)
Flora Robson (1902 - 1984)
Catherine the Great (The Rise of Catherine the Great) (1934) [Empress Elizabeth]: Dies of a heart condition in her bedroom, with Elisabeth Bergner by her bedside.

We Are Not Alone (1939) [Jessica Newcome]: Accidentally poisoned when she takes some pills that her son (Raymond Severn) had spilled and mistakenly put back in the wrong bottle. (Thanks to Constantine)

Caesar and Cleopatra (1945) [Ftatateeta]: Throat slit (off-screen) by Basil Sydney; her body is shown afterwards when Vivien Leigh discovers her. (Thanks to Constantine)

The Shuttered Room (Blood Island) (1967) [Aunt Agatha]: Burned to death, along with Ann Bell, after a fire breaks out in the mill; Flora shuts the door and traps herself in the burning room after telling Gig Young to run and save himself. (Thanks to Dave)
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