Florence Marly in 'Queen of Blood'/'Planet of Blood'
Florence Marly (1919 - 1978)
Ex-Mrs. Pierre Chenal
Queen of Blood (Planet of Blood; Planet of Terror; Planet of Vampires; The Green Woman) (1966) [Alien Queen]: Bleeds to death (off-screen) due to the alien equivalent of hemophilia, after getting scratched on the back during a struggle with Judi Meredith on board the spaceship. She runs away after being scratched, and her body is shown afterwards when Judi and John Saxon discover her in another room.

Doctor Death, Seeker of Souls (1973) [Tana]: Stabbed in the chest when Leon Askin throws a knife at her, while she's gagged and bound to a target. She appears as a ghost almost immediately afterwards when John Considine extracts her spirit and unsuccessfully attempts to transfer it into Jo Morrow's body.
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