Frances Fisher in 'Tough Guys Don't Dance'
Frances Fisher (1952 - )
Mother of Francesca Fisher-Eastwood
Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987) [Jessica Pond]: Shot in the mouth by Debra Sandlund while sitting in Wings Hauser's car. Her severed head is found by Ryan O'Neal in the woods, and the murder is shown in a flashback later on. Her headless body (an obvious special-effects dummy) is shown afterwards when Stephan Morrow and John Snyder show it to John Bedford Lloyd. (Nudity alert (sort of): Full frontal of the headless dummy body; none from the real Frances.)

Titanic (1997) [Ruth Dewitt Bukater]: Dies (off-screen), presumably of old age/natural causes, at some point between the 1912 story and the 1997 framing sequence. (Thanks to Megan)

The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) [Mary Windsor]: Shot in the chest by Matthew McConaughey, after she (non-fatally) shoots him. (Thanks to Tommy and ND)
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