Gail Patrick in 'Murder at the Vanities'
Gail Patrick (1911 - 1980)
Television producer
Ex-Mrs. Cornwell Jackson
The Crime of Helen Stanley (1934) [Helen Stanley]: Shot to death by a hidden gun that Phillip Trent had rigged to a camera during the filming of a movie.

Murder at the Vanities (Earl Carroll's Murder at the Vanities) (1934) [Sadie Evans]: Stabbed in the chest with a hatpin by Gertrude Michael during a struggle on the catwalk above the stage. Her body is shown afterwards when the performers look up and see her, then when Victor McLaglen and Jack Oakie go up to investigate; the murder is shown in a flashback later on.

Quiet Please: Murder (1942) [Myra Blandey]: Strangled by Kurt Katch.

Plainsman and the Lady (Drumbeats Over Wyoming) (1946) [Cathy Arnesen]: Shot to death by a ricocheting bullet during a shoot-out between Don 'Red' Barry and 'Wild' Bill Elliott.
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