Gena Rowlands (1930 - )
John Cassavetes (widowed)
Mother of
Nick Cassavetes
Riverboat: Guns for Empire (1959) [Rose Traynor]: Shot in the stomach during a struggle with a gunman; she dies in Burt Reynolds' arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Anonymous)

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Murder Case (1964) [Diana Justin]: Killed (off-screen) by Murray Matheson.

Peyton Place: Episode 4.25 (1967) [Adrienne Van Leyden]: Accidentally falls down a flight of stairs during an argument with Barbara Parkins at the head of the stairs. (Thanks to Garrett)

Machine-Gun McCain (Gli Intoccabili) (1968) [Rosemary Scott]: Commits suicide by shooting herself in the head, to escape being tortured/interrogated by gangsters.

Faerie Tale Theatre: Rapunzel (1983) [The Witch]: Dies (off-screen) when her heart literally turns to stone; we are informed of her death by Roddy McDowall's narration. (Thanks to Christopher)

Light of Day (1987) [Jeanette Rasnick]: Dies of cancer in the hospital, with her husband (Jason Miller) and children (Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett) by her bedside. (Thanks to Robert)

Crazy in Love (1992) [Honora Swift]: Dies of a heart attack. (Thanks to Mary)

Hope Floats (1998) [Ramona Calvert]: Dies of unspecified natural causes (presumably a heart attack or stroke) while drinking tea and talking to her granddaughter (Mae Whitman). (Thanks to Michelle)

The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie (2003) [Mrs. Evelyn Ritchie]: Dies of heart failure in the hospital, with Kevin Zegers by her bedside. (Thanks to Anthony)

The Notebook (2004) [Allie Calhoun]: Dies (off-screen) of Alzheimer's Disease at the nursing home; her body is shown afterwards when Starletta DuPois enters and discovers that Gena and James Garner have both died in their sleep while holding hands. (Thanks to Libby)

Taking Lives (2004) [Mrs. Asher]: Decapitated by her son (Ethan Hawke) in an elevator; her body is shown afterwards when the doors open and Angelina Jolie discovers Ethan removing Gena's head. (Thanks to Tal, Julie and Christopher)

The Skeleton Key (2005) [Violet Devereaux]: Technically, the real "Violet" died (off-screen) several years before the story begins, when Jeryl Prescott's soul (already occupying yet another body) switched bodies with her in 1962; Gena's body presumably dies (off-screen) shortly after the end of the movie, after Jeryl's soul switches bodies with Kate Hudson. (Thanks to PortsGuy and Ryoko)
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Gena Rowlands in 'Machine-Gun McCain'