Geneviere Anderson in 'CSI Miami: Tinder Box'
Geneviere Anderson
CSI Miami: Tinder Box (2003) [Jill Susan]: Collapses in the shower as a delayed result of smoke inhalation, hitting her head on the faucet as she falls. (It wasn't confirmed whether it was the lung damage or the head injury that actually killed her.) Her body is shown afterwards when David Caruso and Khandi Alexander investigate the scene, and her collapse is shown in flashback when they figure out what happened.

The Hillside Strangler (2004) [Tina Mayfield]: Strangled or suffocated (off-screen) by C. Thomas Howell and Nicholas Turturro; her body (actually a body double) is shown afterwards lying in a field. (Nudity alert: Rear--the body double, not Geneviere)
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