Gennie Nevinson in 'Death of a Soldier'
Gennie Nevinson
Death of a Soldier (1986) [Gladys Hosking]: Strangled by Reb Brown while walking with him in the woods at night; he then drags her body into a ditch, where she is discovered by MPs in the morning.

Star Cops: Conversations with the Dead (1987) [Lee Jones]: Killed by government agents when she enters David Calder's apartment, as part of a set-up to make him go after somebody else. It's been a long time since I've seen this episode, but as I recall, I think we only saw the killer grab her and pull her out of frame; I don't believe the body was shown.

Fatal Past (1993) [Helen Moore]: Shot in the chest by Steven Grives, when she enters and surprises him while he's trying to force Costas Mandylor to shoot himself; she dies shortly afterwards while talking to Costas and Katarzyna Figura. (Thanks to Eric)
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