Geraldine Fitzgerald in 'Three Strangers'
Geraldine Fitzgerald (1913 - 2005)
Mother of Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Great-aunt of Tara Fitzgerald
Three Strangers (1946) [Crystal Shackleford]: Hit on the head with a bronze statue by Sydney Greenstreet in her apartment, while Peter Lorre looks on in surprise. Her body is shown again shortly afterwards when Alan Napier discovers her. (Thanks to Bruce and Adam)

Diary of the Dead (1976) [Maud Kennaway]: Hits her head on a radiator during a struggle with Hector Elizondo.

Lou Grant: Dying (1978) [Peggy Donovan]: Dies of a terminal illness.

The Jilting of Granny Weatherall (1980) [Granny Weatherall]: Dies of old age/natural causes in her bedroom; the present-day scenes are interspersed with stream-of-consciousness flashbacks to her past. (It's been some time since I've seen this, so my memory is vague.)
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