Gia Carides in 'Last Breath'
Gia Carides (1964 - )
Mrs. Anthony LaPaglia
Sister of Zoe Carides
The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space (1995) [Vesper]: Shot with a ray-gun by bad guys, she dies in Daniel Riordan's arms.

Last Breath (Lifebreath) (1997) [Gale Pullman]: Bludgeoned with a hammer by Luke Perry.  He's calculated the force and location of the blow precisely enough to render her brain-dead without actually killing her.  Soon afterwards, she finally dies (off-screen) when her life-support system is turned off, and her lungs are harvested for an organ transplant for Perry's wife (Francie Swift).

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) [Robin Spitz-Swallows]: Stabbed in the back when a henchman throws a knife at Mike Myers, who uses her for a shield.  Myers continues using her as a shield against a machine-gun, a bazooka, and to break his fall after getting knocked out of a window.  However, the absurdly tough Gia refuses to die during the entire ordeal.  It's unclear whether she finally dies after all this (but I kinda doubt it).
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