Gianna Maria Canale before her off-screen death in 'I Vampiri'
Gianna Maria Canale (1927 - 2009)
Mrs. Riccardo Freda
I Vampiri (The Devil's Commandment; Evil's Commandment; Lust of the Vampire; The Vampires) (1956) [Giselle du Grand]: Dies of old age (off-screen) after her youth wears off and she rapidly reverts to her true age; her death is confirmed when Carlo D'Angelo informs Dario Michaelis.

The Warrior and the Slave Girl (La Rivolta dei gladiatori) (1958) [Queen Amira]: Bitten by a venomous snake. (Thanks to Spiesonice)

The Whole Truth (1958) [Gina Bertini]: Stabbed to death (off-screen) by George Sanders in her hotel room; we learn of her death afterwards when George informs Stewart Granger. (Thanks to Waycahn)

The Centurion (Il Conquistadore di Corinto; Conqueror of Corinth) (1962) [Artemide]: Killed while trying to kill Genevieve Grad.
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