Haley Webb in premonition of her death in 'The Final Destination'
Haley Webb (1985 - )
The Final Destination (2009) [Janet Cunningham]: Run over by a truck when it crashes through the wall of a cafe where she's sitting with Bobby Campo and Shantel VanSanten. (At the moment the truck comes through the wall, the movie switches to a CGI X-ray view to show their exact injuries.) (In Bobby's initial premonition at the racetrack, she is crushed to death, along with Nick Zano, by falling rubble. In Bobby's later premonition at the mall, she is impaled by a piece of wood (as well as being hit in the face with nails) when an explosion sends it flying through the screen at the movie theatre. According to Wikipedia, the US Blu-ray edition includes two alternate endings: In one version, she and Shantel are crushed to death by a falling air conditioner; in another, the mall/theatre scene turns out to be not a premonition, but her "real" death.) (Thanks to Auber and Joshua)
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