Harriet (White) Medin in 'The Ghost' (1963)
Harriet Medin (1914 - 2005)
a.k.a. Harriet White, a.k.a. Enrica Blankey
The Ghost (Lo Spettro; Lo Spettro de Dr. Hichcock; The Spectre) (1963) [Catherine Wood, the Housekeeper]: Shot in the back by Leonard Elliott in his living room, while Barbara Steele looks on helplessly.

Blood Beach (1981) [Ruth Hutton]: Eaten by the underground monster (off-screen) after it pulls her under the sand. Her severed head is shown afterwards when Marianna Hill and David Huffman discover it in the creature's lair.

Northern Exposure: First Snow (1993) [Nedra Larkin]: Dies of undetermined natural causes; throughout the episode, Rob Morrow attempts to convince her that she is in perfect physical health, and is mystified when she finally dies simply because she was "ready to go."
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