Harriet Sansom Harris in 'Memento'
Harriet Sansom Harris (1955 - )
Memento (2000) [Mrs. Jankis]: Dies (off-screen) after going into a coma from an insulin overdose, after she gets Stephen Tobolowsky to give her repeated injections in an attempt to force him to remember what he's doing. However, Joe Pantoliano later tells Guy Pearce that Harriet's character never actually existed, and that Guy was projecting the fate of his own wife (Jorja Fox) into Stephen's history. (Between Guy's memory condition and Joe's untrustworthy nature, it's ambiguous as to what the actual truth is.)

Ghost Whisperer: A Grave Matter (2006) [Marilyn Mandeville]: Dies of a heart attack some time before the episode begins; her ghost appears to Jennifer Love Hewitt before finally moving on. (Thanks to Stephen)
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