Heather Hanson in 'The Dresden Files: Birds of a Feather'
Heather Hanson
Profile for Murder (1996) [Julie Hollis]: Killed (I don't know exactly how or by whom) in a swimming pool. (I haven't seen this, but got the information from The Bare Facts Video Guide.) (Nudity alert: Rear)

The Outer Limits: Hearts and Minds (1998) [Archer]: Shot in the back (along with Christine Elise, Vincent Gale, and Dylan Walsh) by Tong Lung and the other soldiers (who had been drugged into seeing Heather's team as insect-like aliens). (Thanks to Stephen)

Roswell: The Aliens Attack (1999) [Eve Flowers]: Crushed to death by an unexploded atomic bomb. (Thanks to Josh)

The Dresden Files: Birds of a Feather (2007) [Melissa]: Skinned alive by Deborah Odell's supernatural powers, in front of Paul Blackthorne. (Thanks to Luis)

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